Doha Debates

Season 1 of Doha Debates addresses urgent global issues like the refugee crisis, artificial intelligence, gender inequality, water shortage and climate change, globalism, and the future of capitalism. Join our moderator Ghida Fakhry, who has spent over two decades covering global conflict, for a series of conversations that will inspire you to change the world.

Water scarcity, getting water into everyone’s hands

September 10, 2019

How do we get water into everyone’s hands? Who is best equipped to solve the challenge? Governments? Wealthy individuals and institutions? Your neighbors? You, yourself? Three experts proposed solutions on September 10 with audience participation and live digital voting.


July 24, 2019

Global threats are growing fast, from climate change and nuclear weapons to the spread of infectious disease and job loss from automation. As challenges rise, globalization is rising with it — a highly contested concept. Which variations of globalization, if any, are most balanced? Watch three experts debate solutions for the future of globalization.

Artificial Intelligence

April 3, 2019

Advocates for AI defend it as manageable and say the risks are marginal, and the rewards life-improving, by empowering more people with instant information. But critics warn about transparency gaps and power disparities, including a slippery slope into a digital apocalypse where superintelligent machines surpass humans’ ability to control them. Watch as four experts weigh in on the future of AI.

Doha Debate 1: Global Refugee Crisis

A hot topic for the first Doha Debate. Passionate views on both sides of the spectrum. Can we show both mercy for refugees and justice for those in host countries as Douglas Murray suggests, or do we have to resist power structures and push back as Marc Lamont Hill argues? And what do refugees like Muzoon Almellehan think?

Season One Trailer