Ghida Fakhry hosts a current affairs program on TRT World about global issues and international power politics. In a rapidly changing world, the traditional influence of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council is being challenged by new emerging forces. Through original reports, news-making interviews and expert analysis, Bigger Than Five offers a critical look at the issues that matter. We scrutinize foreign policy decisions made in Washington DC and other centers of power and look at their impact on the rest of the world. Bigger Than Five is about challenging the status quo and those who make decisions that shape our world -- and affect us all.

The Jerusalem Question: What does ‘Off the table’ mean for peace?

As President Trump marks a year in office, we examine one of his most controversial moves: to take Jerusalem 'off the table' in future peace talks. We speak to former US administration officials about the new style and substance of the Trump administration's approach to peace efforts in the Middle East. We debate the issue with leading members of the US Jewish community whose views represent both sides of the spectrum. We explore the risks of Trump's new policy and ask: is it time for a one state solution?




2017 in Review

‘Genocide’ in Myanmar, a political earthquake in the Middle East and a US president acting as disruptor-in-chief. In this program, we look back at the news stories that had the biggest impact around the world in 2017. We speak with the Head of the UN Department for Humanitarian Affairs about the war in Yemen and the situation in Myanmar; we hear from an international panel of journalists about the nuclear crisis with North Korea; we gauge the mood in Congress over the lack of military oversight and we sit down for conversation and coffee with two leading observers of US history and politics.

Climate of Change? Two Years after Paris

Two years after the Paris agreement to fight climate change, the US is on the way out. Will the remaining countries be able to deliver on the promises made? Can China lead the way? On this program, we sit down for an interview with the CEO of the World Bank to discuss what financial institutions, governments and the private sector are doing to make the transition to a low-carbon economy. We also look at the nexus between global warming and national security. Is climate change a 'threat multiplier' as the Pentagon has concluded in previous reports? We look at the evidence and talk to the experts. 


One Year Since the US Election: The Trump Effect

He wants to make America great again but what difference has Donald Trump made on the world stage, one year since his election? The experts give their verdict as we take a look at the effect Trump's election has had on the US' standing in the world today. How has the Trump administration's handling of major foreign policy issues, including North Korea's nuclear program, affected its position as the world's Superpower?

Time For Change at the UN? 

Bigger Than Five looks at the state of the United Nations - asking what reforms are needed for it to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. “As world citizens we all have a stake in how effective and credible the UN is. So we'll be putting tough questions to UN insiders and getting expert opinions on what comes next.” On this special program, we look at some of the world's global conflicts and crises. We ask: is there injustice at the heart of the UN system and what needs to change?