TRT World Special: One Year Since the Election
Bigger Than Five: The Trump Effect

He wants to make America great again but what difference has Donald Trump made on the world stage, one year since his election? The experts give their verdict. We take a look at the effect Trump's election has had on the US' standing in the world today and its relations with the rest of the world. Is Trump making the US less safe? How has the Trump administration's handling of major foreign policy issues, including North Korea's nuclear program, affected its position as the world's Superpower?

TRT World Special on UNGA
Bigger Than Five: Time For Change at the UN? 

Bigger Than Five looks at the state of the United Nations - asking what reforms are needed for it to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. “As world citizens we all have a stake in how effective and credible the UN is. So we'll be putting tough questions to UN insiders and getting expert opinions on what comes next.” Bigger Than Five deals with global conflicts and crisis. On this special show, Ghida Fakhry questions whether there is injustice at the heart of the UN.