As a print journalist and television news reporter and anchor, Ghida Fakhry has covered some of the major political events of the past two decades for multiple news organizations. As New York Bureau Chief for Al Jazeera, she reported on the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and their aftermath live from NY. She was a CNN World Report contributor and appeared regularly as a guest analyst on major US networks, including ABC News, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. She later reported on-location from Afghanistan and Iraq, following the US-led invasion in 2003. In the late 1990's, Ghida reported from Baghdad on the impact of sanctions on ordinary Iraqis. She also documented the work of UN weapons inspectors and covered the workings of the UN Security Council. She has reported on special assignments from Port-au-Prince, Tehran, Gaza and other parts of the Middle East.


Western Shoshone Elder Takes on the US

For years, the Western Shoshone tribe has been fighting the US government for its rights to 60 million acres of land stretching across the states of Nevada, Idaho, Utah and California. The US government has been using some of the land for military testing, open-pit gold-ming and nuclear waste disposal planning. It has imposed fines on members of the Western Shoshone tribe who use the land for cattle grazing and has repeatedly confiscated their livestock. Ghida Fakhry went to Nevada to meet the 75-year old tribe elder who is taking on the US government and big corporations to defend her ancestral land.

Canada’s Shameful Legacy

For nearly a century, aboriginal children in Canada were taken from their homes and forced to attend residential schools in an effort by the government to assimilate them into mainstream society. Many children were subjected to the worst abuses, as Ghida Fakhry reports from the province of Manitoba.

Kofi Annan 10 Years at the Top

Kofi Annan stepped down as Secretary-General of the United Nations in December 2006 at the end of his second term in office. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001 but faced calls for his resignation a few years later following an investigation into the oil-for-food program in Iraq. Ghida Fakhry travels with Annan on his last trip to Africa as Secretary-General, gaining exclusive access to the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations in this in-depth and critical look at Kofi Annan's legacy.

News Anchor

NATO unapologetic for air strike

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO secretary-general, talks to Al Jazeera about what he says is progress being made in implementing UN Security Council resolution 1973 - and about the deaths caused by NATO forces near Brega

Interview with Luis Moreno Ocampo Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

As the deposed President of Cote d'Ivoire appears before the ICC, Ghida Fakhry asks the Chief Prosecutor whether the Court is more about politics than justice.

Interview with Abdullah Abdullah former Foreign Minister of Afghanistan

With more Afghan civilian deaths and a deteriorating security situation, Ghida Fakhry asks a key Afghan opposition figure who is to blame for the continuing violence, the government or NATO's continued military presence.

Glenn Greenwald on voters 'disenchanted' with Obama

Glenn Greenwald, columnist for The Guardian, tells Al Jazeera's Ghida Fakhry that many of the voters who turned out in droves for Barack Obama, the incumbent, in the 2008 election now face disappointment with the president's first term. 


An inspiring documentary series that brings world issues into focus through compelling human stories.

Witness - Shukri: A New Life

A Somali migrant in Italy survives grim conditions to send money home to her four children in Mogadishu. A glimpse into the realities of life in Europe for thousands of migrants, the challenges they face, and the future they seek.

Witness - The Business of Occupation

Witness presenter Ghida Fakhry talks to director Tom Evans and field producer Ghassan Khader about their series of films 'Nablus, The Business of Occupation'.

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Inside Story:
Al Jazeera journalists and guests dissect and discuss the day's top story.

Inside Story - Myanmar's 'crimes against humanity'

We discuss a Human Rights Watch report that alleges government involvement in the violence against the minority Rohingya population. Inside Story's Ghida Fakhry is joined by guests: Maung Zarni, a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics; Alistair Cook, a visiting research fellow at the East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore; and Mike Harris from the Index on Censorship.

Inside Story - Will a new constitution divide or unite Egypt?

As Egypt votes on a new constitution, we ask if the referendum will help resolve the country's political crisis. Inside Story with presenter Ghida Fakhry speaks to guests: Sondos Asem of the Freedom and Justice party; Ahmed Naguib, a member of the Egyptian Current Party; and Mohamed Elewa Badar, a senior lecturer in International and Islamic Law at Brunel University. 

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Inside Syria:
As the Syrian uprising rages on, this weekly show examines events inside the country.

Inside Syria - Syrian ceasefire: Going up in smoke

Has the conflict reached a stalemate after UN Special Envoy for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi's brokered Eid truce ends after only four hours? Ghida Fakhry speaks to Ron Redmond, Regional Spokesperson for UNHCR; Christopher Swift, Adjunct Professor of Security Studies at Georgetown University; and Saleh Mubarak, a member of the Syrian National Council.

Inside Syria - 'Terrorists' by association 

The head of al-Nusra Front in Syria formally pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda leader, Ayman Al Zawahiri. The establishment of al-Nusra was announced in January 2012. Like al-Qaeda, it has used car bombs and suicide attacks to bring down the al-Assad government. Ghida Fakhry is joined by guests: Shiraz Maher from King's College International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation; retired General Jack Keane, a former four-star general and US Army Vice Chief of Staff; and Louay Safi, a member of the opposition Syrian National Coalition.

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We the People:
A special series that examines the issues weighing heavily on US voters minds in the run up to the presidential elections 2008 - we travel the country and meet the people whose lives are most affected. 

Race: Generation Change - We the People 

The candidacy of Barack Obama has made race a central factor in the presidential campaign 2008. From the time of slavery, African-Americans have been one of the most disenfranchised groups in the US. For the same work, African-Americans may earn half as much as white Americans. They're more likely to get convicted and receive harsher sentences for the same crimes. Despite this grim reality, there is a new generation of African-American students on the rise. We follow two African-American teenagers in Washington DC who refuse to let race be an obstacle to their aspirations. 

Poverty: No Way Out - We the People

One in eight Americans - that is 37 million people - live below the official poverty line. That means these families are often homeless, hungry and have no health insurance. Over the last three decades, the rich have gotten richer and the distance between the 'haves and have nots' has widened. What is worse, American children born into poverty have little chance of moving up and out. We the People travels to Oakland, California, where a lack of opportunities, little investment in education and the legacy of the drug epidemic of the 1980s have created a cycle of poverty.

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